New Blood Learning Center

New Blood Learning Center is situated in Naung Bwa village on the Thai-Burma border, approximately 4 km away from Mae Sot, Thailand. The school was founded in 2003 by Mr. Zaw Lin Oo (current school Director) and Naw Mar Aye (current Principal) to provide a safe haven for the education of migrant Burmese children. The program has been highly successful through the development of various certificate, matriculation, GED, and online opportunities for students who are striving for post secondary and university opportunities.

AYNiLove and New Blood Learning Center have partnered together for over a decade. Key highlights include:
*New Blood accepted many of our students in their high school programs after ours ended in Grade 8
*In 2022 we funded 14 high school students initial course fees for their GED exams. All 48 students in the GED program passed their exams!
* In 2023 we established ongoing volunteer teacher support for the next wave of GED students. Due to the ongoing crisis in Burma, over 200 students are now enrolled in the GED program.
* AYNiLove is facilitating connections with other NGOs to give New Blood’s students additional opportunities in the future.

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