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Through a variety of education programs we are working to create space in the lives of our students for beauty, strength, creativity and success - space in which they can thrive.

Mae Sot is nestled in the hills of Western Thailand, where the Moei River creates a natural border with Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Years of civil war, persecution, and poverty have meant that many Burmese have made their way to the Mae Sot area in search of safety, peace, and a better life and future for themselves and their families. Its politically and economically strategic location also means that Mae Sot is an important hub for the provision of services to migrants, and a center for advocacy and political action.

Although Thailand can provide opportunities that are not available in Myanmar, life for migrants on the border is often very difficult. Low wages, exploitation, child labor, human trafficking and difficulty in obtaining identification means that life and livelihood is marked by lack of financial and personal security. There are an estimated 20,000 Burmese migrant children living in the area.


Our Music Program

Our music program is an example of student centered project work with real world results. With the help of Lane Terzieff, our talented music director, the students created a music studio where they write, produce, sing, and market their tracks. Recently, this program has flourished into a collaboration with one of Burma’s top pop artists and lead to employment opportunities in the music industry, bringing education to life and providing opportunities otherwise unheard of in the Burmese Migrant community. Check out Monsoon Season and Lancifer as well as the new video with Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, which has been viewed almost 2 million times on facebook!

We are so proud of our talented children. This program and others are reliant on the kindness of people like you, providing space to release the potential within our students! Thank you for your love and support. It literally changes lives.


Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee

All You Need is Love works closely with The Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee, a community-based organization in Mae Sot, which facilitates education for dozens of Burmese Migrant learning centers, creating a safe space for thousands of children displaced for a variety of reasons, including political and religious persecution, war, and poverty.

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Good Morning School

Once a small hut with just over forty students Early Childhood through Grade 3, Good Morning School has grown to provide education through high school for almost 300 children. All You Need is Love has worked in partnership with MUSE to compliment and supplement their efforts as the school has expanded to become a Flagship Program and example of success among Migrant Schools. As a result of this combined effort, Good Morning School was recognized by the Thai Ministry of Education in 2014 as a stand out Migrant Learning Center.

Good Morning School has a flourishing campus with a fully operating garden, farm, deep water well and Boarding House. The school incorporates vocational classes, animal husbandry, work-study, and sporting activities into the curriculum. In addition, All You Need is Love partners with international and local organizations like Play Onside, Youth Connect and Kick Start Art to bring the students and staff opportunities for enrichment and development extending beyond basic operations.

Our staff is made up of both new and experienced teachers, many with University degrees and English language training. We have a strong and committed team. As we look toward the future, we are focused on bringing the Matriculation Program to life in collaboration with New Blood School, preparing our students to be qualified for University and/or other high level vocational programs. Through these programs, the Good Morning School community works together to improve the daily lives of Burmese Migrant children and their families and allows students to look beyond a life of hard labor and factory work toward a much brighter future.

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All You Need is Love Documentary

All You Need is Love, the documentary, was directed by our founding patron and friend Stuart Cameron. His efforts have brought advocacy and awareness to Burmese Migrant Children, allowing us to shine a light on their lives in hopes people like you will get involved!


All You Need is Love Charity Website

We want to give a special thank you to Brad Sipperley, owner of New Ideas Unlimited, for building our website, handling our social media, helping to manage donations, and keeping our website up to date.

We really appreciate being able to reach out whenever we have a question and having someone there with the experience to help us out very quickly. 

Good Morning School

All You Need is Love’s Flagship Program and primary project. Good Morning School began as a small hut with just over forty students and has grown to provide education for students in Nursery through to High School for almost 300 students.