Vocational Program: Lancifer Industries

Although All You Need Is Love aims to keep children in school through matriculation and beyond, sometimes a migrant student’s family circumstance–whether it be a sick or absent parent, or a family with too many mouths to feed–makes it unrealistic and often impossible, particularly for older students. In such cases, AYNIL does our best to steer these students towards vocational programs that engage their minds and impart skills so that they continue to learn and are equipped to move forward with their education at a later date. Thein Than Aung and Moe Wai are two 17-year-old boys who dropped out from the grade nine program in January 2016, feeling obligated to help provide for their families. After months of sporadic work in hard labor jobs at construction sites and factories, AYNIL partner and recording artist Lane Terzieff created a vocational program by hiring them to promote Lancifer music on Facebook and Twitter. In this program, Thein Than Aung and Moe Wai make a living wage while honing their English skills and learning computer skills like social media and Photoshop. “I like working here,” says Moe Wai. “It is much better than a factory, where I would have to sleep. Now I get to learn, and I’m not so tired when I get home.”