Good Morning School Fashion Design

Like teenagers everywhere, many of our students love fashion, both Burmese and Western. During the All You Need Is Love volunteer trip in summer 2014, Good Morning School students and the visiting American students conducted a fashion lesson exchange that concluded with a fashion show at the trip closing ceremony. Some of our students even enjoy designing and sewing their own clothes. As part of our vocational program, AYNIL provided Pan Ei San, Su Su Hlaing, and Zon Pwint Aung with materials with the challenge to design and create two items of clothing by the end of the week. Pan Ei San made this dress (modeled by nursery student Ei Tha Twe) in just two days! “I have always liked making my own clothes,” says Pan Ei San. “I hope that we can work with the vocational program to sell our designs online and make money for our families.”

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