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Chris Watabe’s Donation-Matching Challenge!

Dear Friends of All You Need is Love,

I recently visited the school in Mae Sot and saw a lot of great things happening for the kids as well as the community. What I also saw was a funding shortage to support the school and charity as a whole. Seeing how a small amount such as $20-$50 a month can go, (lunch for each child only costs about $0.20 a day), I have a challenge for you. I will match your first month’s payment of up to $50 per person if you sign on to monthly recurring payments, and will also submit a request to my employer for a matching grant, making your first payment worth 3 times your payment.

Some backstory:

In January, I had the privilege of spending about a week in Mae Sot to visit the Good Morning School, The New Blood School and some of the villages where that are the homes to the children who attend the schools. 

The experience has changed me as a person.

Many of the children and their families have gone through unimaginable experiences, and continue to live in tough conditions. They live in villages in homes patched together out of sticks and materials they have found, and do whatever work they can find. Many of the kids have lost their parents, are separated from them because of work, have young siblings who are working, have been going back and forth between working and school, or have been trafficked. Despite all the struggles, they remain joyful and full of hope.
When we visited the school and boarding house, they took turns dancing for us, and were right there to help if we needed help carrying something, if there was trash, or dishes to be done. We were even invited into the groundskeeper, and cook’s house for dinner one night, where they cooked us a delicious meal with just a rice cooker and an electric wok.

The kindness and the joyfulness of these people, despite having so little, was unbelievable.  There was a sense of togetherness and community that I had never seen in my life.

The AYNiL foundation and the Good Morning School do a fabulous job providing education and the basic needs that they truly deserve.

The foundation and the school are very efficient. With it only costing about $0.20 a day to feed a child lunch each day, a little monthly donation can go a long way

After seeing what I saw, there is no way I can sit back and do nothing. That is why I am writing you. While I wish I had the resources to support the entire school and meet all their needs, I do not. The foundation hosts various fundraising events to cover their costs, however it does not have a sufficient steady stream of funds to cover the monthly operating expenses making it hard to manage the cash flow. I would like to help address this problem.

Here again is my challenge:

Please consider signing up for a recurring monthly donation to support their continuing operations. As an incentive, I will match your first month’s payment of up to $50 per person, and will also submit a request to my employer for a matching grant, making your first payment worth 3 times your payment. Even if you can only give $10 to $20 a month it will help. Just 100 people giving $50 each can cover half of the operating costs. 

Please visit All You Need is Love’s website to learn more and click here to donate!

If you would like to hear more about my trip, or why I felt compelled to do this, please feel free to reach out to me at

Thank you,

Chris Watabe

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