Just a few dollars goes a long way to giving Burmese children
in Mae Sot a chance at a better life.

Save a Life Right Now

Burmese migrant workers and their children are one of the most marginalized populations in the world. Safety, shelter, basic medical care, food and clothing are a just a few of the basic needs these families lack on a daily basis. At All You Need is Love, we believe that educating the children is the key to freeing them from the cycle of poverty. The Good Morning School and other Migrant Schools are a chance for children to escape a life of hard labor in fields and factories and go on to realize their full potential. By supporting All You Need is Love, you are allowing these children to stay in school and out of factories. Even the smallest donation keeps them in a safe and nurturing environment, and out of the hands of traffickers while improving their health and welfare by providing daily meals and boarding house facilities.


Every Donation, no matter the size, helps more than you could possibly imagine.

Scholarship a Child

A little bit goes a long way. By providing a child with a scholarship, you ensure that child safety, food, health care and education for a year.

Average Cost per Student

$229 USD

Each Year

Cost for Nursery Program

$189 USD

Each Year

Elementary Program

$363 USD

Each Year

High School Program

$607 USD

Each Year

Teacher Salaries

The teachers at Good Morning School are a committed team of talented educators. They work tirelessly to provide an educational environment that encourages their students to achieve and thrive.

Teacher Salary

$200 USD

Each Month

Teacher Salary

$2,400 USD

Each Year


Providing transportation for students ensures every student makes it to school every day regardless of geographic location, circumstance or hardship.

Getting Every Student Safely to School


Each Month


Often lunch is the only meal these children eat in a day.

Cost to Feed Each Student

$0.30 USD

Each Day

Cost to Feed Each Student

$66 USD

Each Year


Includes vaccinations, vision and hearing exams, tuberculosis tests, paramedic backpack on campus, training for a Good Morning School healthcare team, and an on call school doctor for emergencies.

Cost for Basic Medical Care

$3 USD

Each Student

Cost for Basic Medical Care

$900 USD

Every Student


Uniforms are essential for a child’s safety and security coming and going from school.  It is the number one most effective tool for preventing children from being abducted in Mae Sot.

Cost for Uniforms

$6 USD

Each Student

Cost for Uniforms


Every Student

Boarding House

The Boarding House provides room and board for students whose home circumstances have placed them in danger of being unable to attend school. This year, there will be an estimated 30 students living in the Good Morning School Boarding House.

Cost for Shelter

$1 USD

Each Student, Each Day

Cost for Shelter

$10,800 USD

All 30 Students for a Year

Teaching Materials

Allows all the teachers at Good Morning School to purchase the necessary tools to create a safe and productive classroom environment and to buy all the materials required for lessons.

Creating a Safe and Productive Classroom


All Classrooms, Each Year

Learning Materials

Just a few dollars ensures Good Morning School students have basic educational tools including stationary, pencils and books.

Cost for Learning Materials

$7 USD

Each Child, Each Year


If you have technology (computers, web cams, iPads, etc.) that you are interested in donating, All You Need is Love is working to set up a computer lab at Good Morning School and we would love any donations! Our goal for this year is 20 computers.